How to make grommet curtains?

If you want to add a touch of style to your windows, grommet curtains are a great option. They give a room a modern look and they’re also very easy to make. all you need is some fabric, a grommet kit, and a few tools.

There are a few things you need to make grommet curtains:

1. A curtain panel or two, depending on the size of your window

2. A grommet kit

3. A hammer

4. A measuring tape

5. Scissors

6. Optional: An iron

Here are the steps:

1. Measure the width of your window and add 6 inches to allow for overlap. Cut your fabric panel(s) to this width.

2. If you want your grommet curtains to be longer than the panels you bought, cut them to the desired length. Add 3 inches to this measurement to allow for the hem.

3. Iron the top and bottom edges of the fabric panels. This will help keep them from fraying.

4. Fold down the top edge of the fabric panel 1 inch and then another inch. Pin this in place.

5. Sew a hem along the top edge of the fabric panel.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the bottom edge of the fabric panel.

7. Fold the fabric panel in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Pin this in place.

8. Sew

How do you make grommet curtains?

At the bottom of the panel, you’ll do a hem by folding two inches to the wrong side and then tucking in the raw edge of the fabric.

If you want your curtains to look full and balanced, make sure that they are about twice the width of your window. So if your window is 50” wide, you will want 100” of panel curtains. It is also important to keep your window balanced. So if you put two panels on one side, put two panels on the other side as well.

How do you sew grommet curtain panels together

Place one panel of the curtain on top of the second panel by laying the correct sides together after you have aligned the edges. Pin the two layers together along the top edge. Sew the two layers together using a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

If you want to ensure that your grommets are evenly spaced, you can measure the space first and then mark it out. Alternatively, you can use a ruler or other straight edge to evenly space the grommets.

How many panels do I need for grommet curtains?

When making grommet draperies, it is best to place the seams in the space behind a grommet so that the rod is behind the grommet. This will give the drapery a professional look.

If you need to mount a desk grommet, the hole diameter should be 2-3/8 inches (60mm). The installation height is approximately 19mm. You may need to do some DIY to make the installation perfect.

How much wider should grommet curtains be than the window?

The main thing to consider when deciding how wide your curtains should be is the style of the curtains. Grommet style or Rod-pocket style curtains should have a combined width that is 2 to 25 times the width of the window/rod. This will ensure that the curtain panels look ample when closed.

If you want to add a cord to your garment, you can make a small band out of the face fabric or the lining fabric. This will allow you to thread the cord through and create a casing. This is a great way to add a decorative touch to your garment.

How wide should grommet curtains be for 72 inch window

For a 72 inch window, you need curtains with a finished width at least 15 times that, but better are those with twice that width and even three times the width for sheers. This will give you a fuller, more luxurious look.

First, pick out the right hole cutter according to the size grommets you have. We’re gonna use a 3/4″ hole cutter for this project. Next, center the hole cutter over the spot where you want the grommet to go and twist the cutter around a few times to make a pilot hole. Then, insert the grommet into the hole and use a hammer to tap it into place. That’s it! Your grommet is now installed and ready to use.

Do you need a special tool for grommets?

Grommet pliers are specially designed to install small grommets and eyelets. While you can use a regular set of pliers for this purpose, they may not provide a snug fit or may damage the grommet. Grommet pliers have a wide variety of uses, including securing fabric, attaching hardware, and more.

put your piece of wood underneath the fabric, then with your hole puncher, just place it over the wood and punch through the fabric.

What can I use instead of grommet tool

If you’re looking for a more versatile and durable solution for attaching things like sails, tie downs, and fabric covers, webbing loops are a great option to consider. They’re easy to install and provide a stronger hold than grommets, making them ideal for outdoor use. Plus, webbing loops are less likely to tear or come loose over time.

Grommets are small metal or plastic rings that are used to reinforce holes in fabric. They are often used in Curtains, as they add a modern and professional finish. However, they can cost more than regular drapes. Adding grommets to premade or custom panels is not as hard as it looks. The secret to having a well-tailored grommet panel is grommet tape.

Why are grommet curtains so popular?

Grommet style curtains are becoming increasingly popular among young people because they have a more modern look than traditional pinch pleat curtains. They can be used to frame a beautiful view while still allowing plenty of light into the room.


Grommet curtains are a type of window treatment that can be used in a variety of settings. They are easy to make and can be tailored to fit any window size.

To make grommet curtains, you will need:
-A curtain panel
-A grommet installation tool

1. Measure the width of your window and add 4 inches to determine the width of your curtain panel.
2. Cut your curtain panel to the desired width.
3. Hem the top and bottom of the curtain panel.
4. Place the grommets around the top of the curtain panel, spacing them evenly.
5. Use the grommet installation tool to affix the grommets to the fabric.
6. Hang your curtains on a rod or other hanging device.

If you want to make your own curtains with grommets, you will need a few supplies. First, you will need to purchase fabric and grommets. You will also need a sewing machine and thread. Once you have your supplies, you will need to measure and cut your fabric. Then, you will need to sew the grommets onto the fabric. After the grommets are in place, you can thread your curtains onto a rod and hang them up.

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