How high do you hang curtains?

For some, the answer to curtain length is simple – touch the floor, puddle a bit, done. For others, the quest for the perfect curtain length can be ongoing. No matter your style, the following tips will help you choose the perfect curtain length for your space.

Most people hang curtains so that they are just above the windowsill. This allows for maximum light while still providing some privacy.

How far from the ceiling should you hang curtains?

When deciding where to place your curtain rod, there are a few things to keep in mind. For standard 8 ft ceilings, position the rod approx 1-3 inches below the ceiling or crown moulding. If you have taller ceilings (9-10ft) with windows that are significantly lower than the ceiling, position your rod approx 8-12 inches above the window trim. This will help create the illusion of taller windows and make your space look more open and airy.

Curtains that are too long can pose a tripping hazard and be more likely to collect dust. The ideal length for a curtain is just above the floor. To find the right length, measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod (usually 4 to 6 inches above the window frame).

Can you hang curtains too high

A rule of thumb for curtain placement is to hang them four to six inches above the window frame. This will ensure that your curtains have enough space to open and close properly, and will also help to block out light and noise.

When choosing curtains, it’s important to take into account the amount of space you have around the window. The standard distance from the window casing to the end of the curtain rod (excluding finials) on each side of the window should be 4 to 10 inches. As a general rule, drapes will be open during the day, so make sure the curtain rod extends at least four inches on each side of the window’s inside frame. This will ensure that your curtains look proportional to the window and won’t be too crowded.

How tall should curtains be for 8 foot ceilings?

If you want your curtain panels to be floor to ceiling, you should buy 96-inch panels and hem them to the desired length. For an 8-foot ceiling, your panels should be about 91 inches long.

If you want your draperies to appear bigger, extend them from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. This will make it unclear when your windows stop and your walls start, creating the illusion of a larger window.

Do I want my curtains to touch the floor?

To achieve a lightly touching the floor look with drapes and curtains, great care needs to be taken to measure the fabric panels and to hem them precisely.

It is perfectly acceptable to leave a small gap between your curtains and the floor. In fact, many interior designers recommend it! Leaving a small gap allows your curtains to hang long and generously, without collecting dust on the floor.

Does hanging curtains High make a room look bigger

Extra long curtains hung high above a window can give the illusion of more height and space within a small room. This is a great way to make a small room appear larger and more open.

There are a few things you want to avoid when hanging curtains in your home. Firstly, don’t hang them too low. This is a mistake I see all too often. People hang their curtains too low, and it makes the room look smaller and less inviting. Secondly, don’t hang them too narrow. Curtains should be wider than the frame they’re being hung in, to create a more dramatic look. Thirdly, don’t go for curtains that are too short. This makes the room look unfinished and can also be dangerous if they’re hung near a light source. Finally, don’t go for curtains that are too thin. You want something that will block out light and create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Do and donts of hanging curtains?

When it comes to hanging curtains, there are a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind in order to achieve the best look possible. First, it’s important to hang your curtains all the way to the floor in order to create a sophisticated and elegant look. Additionally, invest in good hardware for your curtains – this will make a big difference in the overall look of your window treatments. Finally, don’t forget to measure before you buy or hang your curtains; this will ensure that they fit properly and look great. When it comes to the actual Curtains themselves, have fun with layering different fabrics and textures to create interest and dimension. And finally, don’t skimp on fabric – make sure to choose a high-quality fabric that will look great and last for years to come.

If you want your window to look bigger, hang your curtain rod higher than the window. This will also make the curtains look more high-end. Keep in mind that you’ll need curtains that are longer than usual.

Should curtains be too short or too long

When choosing curtains, it is generally recommended to opt for longer rather than shorter. Standard curtains come in three lengths—84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches—but experts say that the longer length is usually the best choice. This is because longer curtains can create a more luxurious and elegant look, while also helping to make a room look taller and more spacious.

A common rule for displaying curtains properly says the curtains finished width should be at least 2 times the width of your window (if not more) to achieve a look of proper fullness. Example: If your window measures 36″ wide (window width x 2 = 72″), you need curtains that will give a minimum width of 72″.

How high to hang curtains on 9 foot ceilings?

If you have a 9-foot ceiling, it is best to choose 96-inch curtains. The reason for this is because the curtain rods are typically hung about a foot from the ceiling. The distance from the floor to one foot from the ceiling is covered by 96 inches.

This is a décor principle that is followed by many interior designers. It is called the “Cantaloupe rule” and it states that home accents shouldn’t be smaller than a cantaloupe. This is to ensure that the accents stand out and are noticeable.

Is it OK to put long curtains on short windows

If you have a short window, using curtains that are longer than the window will help the window appear larger. The ratio of width to height of your window will determine the length of your curtain. If your window is longer in length than width, then longer curtains will give the window a larger feel.

If you want to make a low ceiling appear taller, go for curtains with long vertical stripes. Short curtains with horizontal stripes will make the room appear smaller.


This is a difficult question to answer without more information about the window and the look you are trying to achieve. Generally, curtains should be hung so that they just barely graze the floor, or are about an inch above it.

The answer to how high to hang curtains depends on the height of the window, the look you are going for, and the amount of light you want to let in. If you have a large window, you may want to go with a shorter curtain so it does not obscure the view. If you want a more dramatic look, you can hang the curtains higher and let them pool on the floor. It is also important to take into account how much light you want to let in; if you want a brighter room, you will want to hang the curtains higher so they don’t block out the light.

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