How far above window to hang curtains?

There is no definitive answer to how high above a window you should hang curtains. It depends on the look you are going for and the size of the window. A good rule of thumb is tohang the curtains about four to six inches above the window, but you can play around with the height to get the look you want.

The distance between the top of the curtains and the ceiling should be about one-fifth of the overall height of the curtains.

How far should curtains be above window?

We recommend hanging most curtains at least 4-6 inches above the window frame. A general rule is two-thirds of the space above the window. This will allow for proper light coverage and prevent the curtains from looking too small.

When it comes to how high to hang your curtain rod, a good rule of thumb is 2/3 of the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling. This creates the illusion of height. In rooms with standard 8′ ceilings, that can mean mounting the rod at the ceiling, which is perfectly fine!

Can you hang curtains 10 inches above the window

If you want your curtains to hang four to six inches above your window frame, you’ll need to install your curtain rod accordingly. This will ensure that your curtains look good and function properly.

There is no definitive answer for how long your curtains should be, but the general consensus is that they should either hang down to within ½-inch of the floor or even puddle slightly. This look is achieved by either letting the curtains fall naturally, or by using tiebacks or other methods to raise the fabric higher up on the wall. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what look you are going for and how much fabric you want to use.

Should curtains hang above the window sill?

If you have small windows, it is especially important to choose curtains with a good length. They should be just above the radiator or 10 cm below the sill. However, you should make sure the radiator does not get too hot and that the curtains are not touching it.

If you’re looking for a modern look, you’ll want to avoid short curtains. They can make the ceiling look lower and can also look outdated. Instead, opt for curtains that hang an inch or two above the ground.

What is the proper placement of curtain rods?

Wall-mounted rods should be installed four inches above the window. To find your ideal placement, measure down from the ceiling to the top of the trim at the left corner of your window; mark the midway point.

This is just a general guide for where to position your curtain rod when you have standard 8 ft ceilings. If you have taller ceilings, you may want to position the rod a little higher.

Is it OK to put long curtains on short windows

If you want to make a short window look more important, hang long drapes on it. This will help bring the window into proportion to the room. Short drapes on a short window will call attention to the size of the window and reduce the significance of the room, window and drapery style.

If you have crown molding in your room, you should hang your curtain rod an inch or two below it. If you don’t have crown molding, you should hang the curtain rod as many inches above the window casing as it extends wide. For example, if the curtain rod extends 5 inches wider than the window casing, you should hang it 5 inches above the window casing.

Where to hang curtains with 9 foot ceilings?

If you want to make a small room appear larger, or a large room appear smaller, you can do so by changing the height at which you hang your curtains. For rooms that you want to appear larger, hang your curtains 4-6 inches above the window frame. This will give the illusion of a taller window, and make the room appear larger overall. For rooms that you want to appear smaller, hang your curtains closer to the ceiling. This will make the window seem shorter, and the room will appear more cozy.

If you want your curtains to touch the floor, you’ll need to buy ready-made panels that are at least 63 inches long. If there’s a radiator or deep sill in the way, you may need to go with a shorter length. Measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod, then round up. You can always have the dry cleaner hem them a bit if needed.

Should curtains be hung all the way to the ceiling

If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, you should still hang your curtains 4-6 inches above the window trim. This will make your room look more proportionate. If your windows are close to the ceiling, you may want to hang your curtains from the ceiling to give the illusion of more height.

If you’re looking for new curtains for your home, simplicity and minimalism are the way to go. Look for curtains made from classic materials like cotton and linen in light, relaxing, naturalist themes.

Do long curtains make a room look bigger or smaller?

In general, you want to avoid patterns and colors that are too busy or overwhelming. busy patterns will make the room look smaller, while more subdued colors will make the room appear larger. If you have low ceilings, hang your curtains higher up on the wall to give the illusion of more height. Vertical stripes have a similar effect. If you want the room to appear shorter and cozier, choose shorter curtains and horizontal stripes.

It’s totally fine to leave a gap between your curtains and the floor! In fact, this is actually the best option for modern window treatments. Interior designer Lisa Staton explains, “Our golden rule is that we usually keep them 1/4″ off the floor. This keeps them long and generous, but not collecting dust.” So go ahead and leave that gap!

Where should a curtain rod make a room look bigger

If you want your window to look bigger,hang your curtain rod higher than the window — almost to the ceiling. This will also make the curtains look more high-end. However, you will need to use curtains that are longer than usual.

There are a few things that can cause this optical illusion. One is that our eyes are naturally drawn to horizontals, so when we see a short curtain, our eyes stop at the bottom instead of extending all the way down to the floor. Another possibility is that the ceiling and window are actually higher than they appear, which makes the curtain look shorter in comparison. Whatever the cause, this illusion can be a bit disconcerting!


The answer may vary depending on the size and style of the window, but a good rule of thumb is to hang the curtains approximately four inches above the window frame.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference and the look you are trying to achieve. However, a good rule of thumb is to hang them approximately one-third of the way up the window. This will allow natural light to filter in while still providing privacy.

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